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2012 Lineage



Nature did its job in 2012. Everything else was up to us. After two challenging vintages of crossing our fingers and hoping for more summer, 2012 was a welcome return to the ideal growing conditions and less finger crossing. Not only did it yield fantastic fruit, but more of it than ever. Scrumptious grapes can only do so much, though. Our 2012 Lineage represents the care and dedication we’ve put into the art of winemaking. Enjoy this vintage the way you enjoy a successfully completed project. We know we will.

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Winemaker Justin Estes  |  75 cases  |  90% Grenache 10% Syrah  |  Vineyard Kaiser Creeks  |  Appellation Sonoma Valley  |  Harvested 10.29.12  |  Bottled 01.25.14  |  Released 10.11.14

2011 Eighty Sixed


eighty sixed


Getting 86’d isn’t a good feeling. Usually. For Tavosa, it was a bit of a badge of honor. We were 86’d from the Sonoma vineyard whose-name-we’d-never-put-on-the-label where this beautiful 2011 Syrah was harvested. We don’t really understand why (promise), so we figured we’d make light of it. It’s why we produced exactly 86 cases. And hey, we might even do this whole 86 case thing again, without actually being 86’d.  This delicious wine is expected to be best consumed between 2013 and 2017.

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Winemaker Justin Estes  |  Native Yeast  | 86 Cases  |  Appellation Sonoma County  |  Harvested 10.21.11 |  Bottled 1.15.13  |  Released 9.27.13

2012 Table 6

Proprietary Red Blend



Unique. It’s a word our industry throws around all the time. Too much. Sure, every wine is unique. Every blend their own. Every winemaker leaving a different footprint. So yeah, Table 6, our first proprietary red blend is a unique wine. But more importantly, it’s a wine that’s made for a unique drinker. A person who values bootstrapping. Who values farm to table. A person who takes a chance on an upstart. A person who cares less about buzzwords like unique and more about imbibing. A person just like you.

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Winemaker Justin Estes  |  198 cases  |  Proprietary Red Wine Blend  |  Harvested 10.21.12  |  Bottled 1.15.14  |  Released 6.1.14


When did we stop making things?  Where are all of the workshops?  What about woodsmiths? Metalsmiths? All of the smiths. Do People even know what a cobbler is anymore?  Maybe we stopped making things when we stopped taking shop.

Maybe it was when we chased degrees instead of learning how our institutions of higher learning were built.  Instead of thinking of things from yesteryear, we were focused on tomorrow.

Tavosa decided to slow things down. Instead of thinking of tomorrow, we’re making things for today.  We’re creating something that can be enjoyed, savored and shared today.  With every harvest, each growing eason, and throughout the journey, Tavosa is expertly crafting Rhone-style wines.  We’ll make it so that you can enjoy it.

We are Tavosa:

  • Justin Estes, Winemaker
  • Aaron Sanchez, Creative
  • Nick and Lenka Benz, Proprietors
  • Sean and Elizabeth O’Connor, Proprietors

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We're creating something that can be enjoyed, savored, and shared for years to come. We're making something. With every harvest, every growing season, and throughout the winemaking process, the team at Tavosa is expertly crafting Rhone-style wine. We'll make it so that you can enjoy it. We check email at