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Getting 86’d isn’t a good feeling. Usually. For Tavosa, it was a bit of a badge of honor. We were 86’d from the Sonoma vineyard whose-name-we’d-never-put-on-the-label where this beautiful 2011 Syrah was harvested. We don’t really understand why (promise), so we figured we’d make light of it. It’s why we produced exactly 86 cases. And hey, we might even do this whole 86 case thing again, without actually being 86’d.

Winemaker Justin Estes  |  Native Yeast  | 86 Cases  |  Appellation Sonoma County  |  Harvested 10.21.11 |  Bottled 1.15.13  |  Released 9.27.13


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For delivery, you must be 21 years of age and live in the state of California. 10% discount is applied to 12 bottle/case price.  

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